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I've eaten here dozens of times. The restaurant is always packed, and the food is always consistently delicious! You can't go wrong with any dish, but my favs are the tibs (chicken or fish) with injera and ater. Service is friendly, generally efficient, and unobtrusive. The tables are spaced a little closer together than I'd like, and the chatter from other patrons make conversations a little challenging. Still, Desta is one my most favorite spots. I've brought a variety of friends with me on different occasions, and everyone leaves a raving fan.


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We've eaten most all dishes & found the one we like best.
We order take out because the seating is such that the noise volume is Way above our tolerance. And who wants to hear other's conversations?
All in all, it deserves five stars.


1 review
My boyfriend and I love this place. I am vegan, he isn't, so agreeing on a restaurant for dinner can be complex, at times. Desta tends to be our go to. The food is always amazing and we are always very satisfied with our choices.


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I usually dine in at this spot. I was in the area (way out of my zip code) did not have time to stick around but had to get my fix! This place NEVER disappoints. Well worth the 1 hour drive to get to them from home.


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I always love Desta. I love that I can order it at home and drive thru when I get there. (Yes - Ethiopian drive thru!) Make sure to order two of the vegetarian platters. It heats up really well for the next day!

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2 reviews
Great food...delicious and fresh. I highly recommend it!!


1 review
Amazing restaurant. One of my favorites restaurants.

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As you walk through our door into the world of Desta expect greetings and warm smiles upon your arrival. Our friendly wait staff will assist you with cuisine selection and within minutes your fresh order arrives, lifting your spirit with its warm aroma. Prompt, friendly service and quick delivery of traditional Ethiopian delicacies make for a wonderful and unique dining experience which is the hallmark of Desta Ethiopian kitchen. Desta invites you to dine inside our modern restaurant or relax on the spacious outdoor patio deck. For patrons on the go we accept takeout orders. Wish to experience the taste of Ethiopian cuisine at your next event brought to you with culinary professionalism and care that only Desta can provide.come join us and delight in the hospitality of Desta Ethiopian kitchen!